Coverage and Limit of Deposit Insurance

Proportion up to TRY 150 thousand (TRY One hundred and fifty thousand) of ; a) the sum of capital of the savings deposit accounts, and interest rediscounts; b) unit account values of the participation accounts and the private current accounts in Turkish Lira, foreign currency and precious metal, which are opened on behalf of real persons in the domestic branches of a credit institution carrying on business in Turkey, and are not subject to business transaction apart from exclusively drawing check is in the insurance coverage.

The sum of principals and the interests of deposit accounts and participation fund accounts opened by real persons in Turkish Lira, foreign currency or precious metals at domestic branches of credit institutions operating in Turkey are insured up to TRY 150,000.

Being effective from January 1, 2022; deposit Insurance limit will be increased each year by the Fund Board, in accordance with the revaluation rate determined and declared pursuant to Tax Procedure Law No 213.