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Please read the terms written below to use this website. Persons who benefit from the services of this WEBSITE or natural or legal persons who gain access to this WEBSITE in anyway are deemed to have accepted these terms.

All content of the website (WEBSITE) of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF/Fund) ( is prepared for the purpose of informing the users and does not constitute any undertaking for any person or institution.

All kind of written and visual content, information, document and report in the WEBSITE, along with their intellectual property rights are belonging to the SDIF.

Information can be published without permission on condition of giving reference, however, use of this information for commercial purpose is subject to the SDIF’s written permission.

Opinions put forward in the reports or representations found in the WEBSITE are belonging to the writer and do not reflect the SDIF’s official opinion.

The SDIF is not under any circumstances responsible for any faults in the information, lack of information arising from technical or other factors or out of date information found in the WEBSITE.

Upon logging into the system, the user is deemed to have accepted clearly that the user cannot put the SDIF under any obligation, liability or responsibility due to losses or damages arising from transactions made based on the information published on the WEBSITE or not reaching to the website.

Connection link to other websites can be provided directly or indirectly in the WEBSITE for information purposes. The SDIF has no control over the sources of these links and the user accepts that the SDIF is not responsible for the accessibility and accuracy of these sources or websites directed by these links, any content found or obtained in or by these sources and websites, any direct or indirect losses arising from breach of contract, wrongful act or any other reasons due to use of these.

None of data or information published on the WEBSITE constitute a proposal directed by the SDIF and the user is exclusively responsible for expectations, transactions and decisions taken based on the related data or information. Information and data found on the WEBSITE are not accepted as a guideline by any means. Acceptance of the contrary situation does not bind legally and criminally the SDIF under any circumstances.

The user accepts that downloadable or sharable files, information or documents found in the WEBSITE may be not free of all kind of virus software, spam or spyware or all other malicious and harmful codes or materials like the mentioned above ones, and the WEBSITE does not provide any guarantee regarding this matter. The user is responsible for meeting all hardware and software needs, carrying out maintenance and updating operations required for preventing these kinds of malicious and harmful programs, codes or materials, data input-output accuracy, recovery of any lost data. The SDIF is not responsible for any damages incurred by the user or third parties due to data errors or losses arising from these malicious and harmful programs, codes or materials.



In case of submitting personal information via the forms found in the website, users accept that these information is to be kept and used by the SDIF. The SDIF keep personal information confidential and does not share them with third parties or institutions. However, personal information may be disclosed in certain circumstances requiring protection of website users’ or SDIF’s interests or safety in the direction of request of judicial/administrative/auditing bodies to the extent permitted by law.

This “WEBSITE TERMS OF USE” enters in force on the date of announcement in the WEBSITE content. The user accepts the provisions of this specifications by using the WEBSITE.  The SDIF reserves the right to change the terms of use, information, forms or content in the WEBSITE at any time without advance notice.

All disputes arising from use of the WEBSITE are subject to the Turkish law and Istanbul Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized. The SDIF reserves the right to bring a lawsuit in the country in which the user resides.