Functions and Responsibilities

The Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF) is a public legal entity with an administrative and financial autonomy. The SDIF is composed of The Fund Board and the President’s Office. The Chairman of the Fund acts as the Fund President as well. The Fund Board is the decision-making body of the SDIF, while the President’s Office executes the Fund Board’s decisions and fulfills the duties of the SDIF. The SDIF is independent while fulfilling its duties.

The SDIF perform its duties along with the powers dedicated to it, according to Banking Law No 5411, the Law No 6758 on amending and accepting some regulations made by Decree Law within the scope of SoE, the Law No 7333 and other relevant legislation.

The SDIF’s functions could be summed up under four categories as deposit insurance, bank resolution and recovery, trusteeship operations, and liquidation of saving financing companies. In this context, SDIF is responsible for,