Fund's Board

Name Surname Duty
Fatin Rüştü KARAKAŞ Chairman
Ali ALTINTAŞ Vice Chairman
Halil İbrahim AKYILDIZ Member
Fatih Sultan Mehmet YILDIRIM Member
Şeref SAFA Member
Çiğdem UÇAR Member
Yusuf ÖKSÜZÖMER Member


The Savings Deposit Insurance Fund’s (SDIF/Fund) Board is the decision-making body of the Fund. The Fund's Board is composed of seven members including one chairman and one vice chairman. Chairman of the Fund's Board is also chairman of the Fund. The Fund's Board gathers at least once a week, when needed. The Vice Chairman stands for the Chairman in case of leave, illness, overseas and domestic assignment of the chairman and other circumstances where the chairman is not in charge, and discharge from office, and where the Vice Chairman is not available, a member to be elected by the Fund's Board acts for the Chairman.

The Fund's Board performs the following duties and exercises powers as well as tasks assigned in accordance with the Banking Law and other legislation:

a.   To determine main strategy, performance criteria, goals and objectives, service quality standards of the Fund, establish                            working and human resources policies, make suggestions regarding service departments of the Fund and their duties.

b.   To discuss and finalize the budget proposal drawn up in accordance with the main strategy and goals and objectives of the                    Fund.

c.  To approve reports indicating the performance and financial status of the Fund.

d.  To assign vice chairman and department head upon suggestion of the Chairman of the Fund.