Bank Resolution Books / Shelf

To inform public of the problem bank resolution activities that constituted a significant part of the SDIF’s work especially during 2000-2001, of the surrounding circumstances, the limitations and the priorities taken into consideration; to increase transparency and accountability of these activities, evaluating their administrative, legal and financial aspects; to make it possible to benefit in new design and implementation studies for enhancing current bank resolution practices; the Fund aimed at documenting its knowledge and expertise and sharing it with the public.  

For this purpose, starting in 2006, the “Shelf Cleaning Project”, a 20 book document set consisting of 19 books relating to 25 banks which were transferred to the Fund between 1994-2003, and the book named “ SDIF Resolution Experience” which evaluates the resolution activities of the Fund with regard to these banks from a wholistic perspective, was completed in 2009, fulfilling a historic duty to lay out a troubled period in our banking sector in recent history.  

Also, you can have access to the books from the website called “Shelf Cleaning” (