Bank Resolution Books / Shelf

It is planned to share knowledge and experience of the SDIF with the public for the purpose of informing the public regarding under which circumstances and conditions and with which limitations and priorities the problematic bank resolution operations of the SDIF, which have an important place in the activities carried out especially between 2000-2001, were performed, increasing transparency and accountability of the operations realized by assessment of the “administrative”, “legal” and “financial” aspects of the bank resolution process, making contribution to the design and application studies to be carried out in this area in terms of improving the existing bank resolution operations even more.  

For this purpose, started in 2009, the “Shelf Cleaning Project” was successfully completed in 2009 and the document set of 20 books consisting of the book called “Resolution Experience of SDIF”, in which resolution activities performed by the SDIF in 25 banks are aggregately addressed and evaluated, and 19 books about 25 banks transferred to the SDIF between 1994-2003, was published, thus, the Fund fulfilled an important task regarding explaining the developments occurred at the banking sector in the recent history of ours during the problematic period.  

Also, you can have access to the books from the website called “Shelf Cleaning” (