G20 Leaders Summit

Leaders of the G20 member countries come together once a year at meetings called “Leaders Summit” and hosted by the country undertaking the presidency of the G20. The country, which is the President of the G20, has the right to invite a country to this Summit.

Decisions taken by the leaders at the end of each Summit are released to the public as a communique or declaration. Decisions stated in the Declaration have the characteristics of undertaking for the member countries and new regulations and procedures in several fields are developed in accordance with the decisions in question with the participation of various international regulatory and supervisory authorities, organizations and institutions such as the World Bank, IMF etc., in particular the FSB.

The first meeting of the Leaders Summit was held in Washinghton/USA, 2008 after the breakout of the global crisis. The eighth of the summit meetings took place in Antalya in our country in November, 2015. You can have access to the G20 Leaders Summit meetings held in the last three years, including the one in Turkey, and the documentation related to these events, along with the declarations published after the Summit via the following link: