G20 Countries

Carrying on business as an international economical cooperation and global decision maker, G20 organization is an international platform which started to perform operations with the meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Chairpersons held after the 1999 Asian Financial Crisis.  19 member countries, which take part among the biggest economies of the world, and the European Union (EU Commission and EU council presidents) are found within the body of the G20.

When their economic sizes are taken into consideration, G20 countries have approximately  85% of all goods and services produced in the world in terms of cash, and approximately ¾ of the world trade volume.

The G20 presidency, where our country is also a founding member, changes every year and is alternately undertaken by one of the G20 member countries.

There are other platforms  (such as B20, C20, L20, T20, W20 and Y20) which carry out operations with respect to the G20.

The G20 member countries in alphabetical order are listed in the table below: