FSB’s Thematic Peer Assessment Reports

SDIF / FSB’s Thematic Peer Assessment Reports

In line with the resolutions adopted during the G20 Leaders Summit, the effectiveness and level of compliance with international standards and policies introduced by the FSB are being reviewed regularly. For this purpose, peer assessment studies have been conducted by the FSB based on country peer review and thematic peer review since 2010.

  • Deposit Insurance

The SDIF was evaluated and also took part effectively in the assessment team in the thematic peer assessment studies conducted by the FSB in terms of the deposit insurance in 2011.

You can have access to the assessment reports via the following link:


  • Bank Resolution Regimes

Thematic assessment study in which compliance level of the FSB member countries with the fundamental standards stated in the text “the Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes for Financial Institutions (FSB Key attributes)” adopted as new resolution framework and introduced in 2011, was conducted by the FBS in two different periods in terms of resolution.

The first study on the Thematic Peer Review of Resolution Regimes was conducted in 2012 and the assessment report was published in April, 2013. In this study, certain articles of the FSB’s Key Attributes are excluded from the scope of the assessment.


The SDIF participated in the second study on the Thematic Peer Review of Resolution Regimes by taking part in the assessment team in the capacity of member and conducting joint studies with the BRSA in the capacity of evaluatee.

Final report for this assessment in which duties, powers and responsibilities of the FSB’s member countries regarding bank resolution process were comprehensively reviewed was published in March, 2016. You can have access the aforesaid report via the following link: