Chairman of the Fund

The Chairman of the Fund, the top executive of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF/Fund), is responsible for general management, representation of the Fund and performing the decisions made by the Fund’s Board.

Duties and powers of the Chairman of the Fund are as follows;

1. To determine agenda, day and time of the meetings of the Fund's Board,conduct the meetings, carry out the necessary;              procedures regarding the applications which are not included in the agenda, and inform the Fund' Board about these,

2. To ensure that the decisions of the Fund's Board are published or notified, the decisions made are being carried out, and              monitor this process,

3. To finalize the suggestions received from the service departments and present these to the attention of the Fund's Board,

4. To prepare the annual budget and financial statements of the Fund in line with the strategies, goals and objectives set              forth by the Fund's Board,

5. To organize and coordinate the service departments so that they can work in harmony and in a efficient way, solve the              problems regarding duty and power which can occur between the service departments of the Fund,

6. To draw up annual activity reports, evaluate the activities in line with the goals and objectives, performance criteria, and              represent these to the attention of the Fund’s Board,

7. To evaluate the strategy, policies and the relevant legislation applied to the area of activity of the Fund, along with            performance criteria of the chairmanship and its employees,

8. To maintain relationship of the Fund with other institutions and represent the Fund,

9. To assign the personnel other than the one anticipated to be appointed by the Fund's Board,

10. To determine scope of duty and authority of the authorized signatory personnel on behalf of the Chairman of the Fund,

11. To perform other tasks related to management and operation of the Fund.

The Chairman may transfer the certain part of his/her duties and powers to low level executives on condition of identifying clearly limits of the transferred duties and powers in written.